Preparing for the Behavioral Questions with the STAR Technique

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Preparing for the behavioural questions during a career in mining interview means to be ready for inquisitive questions that an interviewer will use to further explore your answer.

Using the STAR Technique is a great way to be prepared:

Situation: Provide a brief overview of the situation.

Task: Outline the specific task or responsibility that you were asked to accomplish.

Action: Explain the action or activities you took and why.

Result: Describe the positive result or outcome of your actions; if you are asked about a negative situation, indicate what you learned and/or how you would act differently.

When answering, make sure that you understand the question. If not, ask for explanation.

The industry related situation/example you choose can make or break an interview, so take a minute to think of a proper example to fit that interview situation.

When answering behavioural based questions, use the pronoun “I”, as interviewers are interested in what your role was. For example, it is fitting to describe the Situation using “we,” but when you describe the Task, Action and Result steps, you must talk about what you (“I”) did specifically.

It’s your time to shine!

Talk frankly about what you did and sell yourself during the interview, but mostly, don’t lie. If you are not able to come up with a good answer don’t make one up. Inquisitive questions asked by the interviewer will expose dishonesty.

If you find that you are having difficulty answering a question, ask for clarification or ask the interviewer to possibly revisit the question later during the interview. If you find that you do not have any experience on which to base your answer, you can admit that you have never experienced such a situation, but explain how you would handle the situation if it did occur.

5 Tips for Preparing for Behavioural Based Interviews:

• Research the skills required for the position and choose the most appropriate and strongest examples from your experiences

• Prepare short descriptions of situations that demonstrate positive behaviors’ and actions based on positive and negative experiences

• Prepare to discuss several examples from your list of accomplishments for each of the desired qualities

• Prepare hard evidence that will demonstrate specific skills and abilities

• Draw upon your most relevant and recent professional experiences; these can come from your work, academic and personal life

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